Misoogyny, Racism, Xeonobhopia, Mass Shootings, Gun Violence, Sexual Inadequacy Linked To Hunting

Hunting is inextricably tied to feelings of inferiority and atrocities against humans.
Hunters first learn to objectify, even sexualize the animals they kill, then transfer their pathology onto women and outside social groups. It's clear there's something sinister lurking in the brains of those who intentionally maim (bow hunting results in at least a 54% or higher wound rate) and slaughter nonhuman animals, particularly deer whose beauty, disposition, and comparable size are virtually unmatched in the natural world. In the foreword of Jim Robertson's Exposing the Big Game, the illustrious Captain Paul Watson states: " hunters can be described quite adequately as sadistic perverts and social deviants." Watson adds,  "there is nothing to be admired from those who kill for pleasure, sport and short term gratification due to frustrated sexual inadequacies."

Feelings of insecurity know no bounds. Before last year's election, a former presidential candidate-turned-Biden-staffer -a gay man with the right to freely express his sexuality -tried to convince the public he's man enough for the job by going on a deer hunting trip in Michigan with his partner's father. And what about women who hunt? Their numbers may be increasing, but mounting evidence shows women also hunt to deal with feelings of inadequacy.
Our society's attitude toward female species is one of disposabilty. Female deer bear the burden of birthing and raising fawns. Yet, does are slaughtered up to 10 times more than their male counterparts, including in our park systems, which directly benefit from excise tax money collected from hunting and gun/ammo sales.
Likewise, human females and children overwhelmingly account for victims of domestic violence. It's the dominion mentality. Men who hunt are more likely to engage in violence against those they denigrate. According to public records, the former Cleveland police officer who killed a 12-year-old child but was later fired for lying on his application about failing ballistics training has since been permitted to bow hunt in Parma. His hunting partner, a Parma cop, also has a violent public record.

Men -and most hunters are white men - who inflict terror on those outside their social circles lurk in countless, nameless hate groups, not excepting law enforcement. Now, we all know this since Jan. 6. But more often, they're out in the open. Seemingly benign providers of meat for the family, they also claim to provide a public service, ridding us of demon deer. Perhaps that is what Cindy Hunnicutt thought. In a New York TImes article, Hunnicutt -- pastor at an Atlanta church near the massage facility where Asian-American and other female workers were killed and injured by sociopath Robert Aaron Long, pointed out the shooter and his father "enjoyed" hunting deer. Hunnicutt said, "Mr. Long practic[ed] with his crossbow in the backyard." Dylan Klebold, one of the shooters in the Columbine, CO, school shootings whose 18-year-old girlfriend Robyn Anderson purchased a rifle for him because he was under 18, admitted lying to her about it. Klebold told Anderson he and his mass murdering partner meant no harm, just wanted to have fun "shooting or hunting deer."

Criminologists now profile suspects based on the connection between killing animals and crimes against humans. Since a disproporationate number of these shootings are clearly perpetuated by hunters, the FBI should move them to the top of the list. According to the FBI, Chai Soua Vang, an Asian-American, shot at hunters in a wooded are near Meteor, WI, when other hunters found him on their private land. After the shootout, six people were killed, two wounded. Were property owners targeting Chai Soua Vang because of race or ethnicity? At least we can say hunting ended in the violent deaths of humans on both sides attempting to exploit animals.

In Northeast Ohio, John Zayac's notorious band of poachers killed many hundreds of deer in Cuyahoga County's southwest suburbs for years. They profited by tens of thousands off deer "jerky" sales. But good ole boys at Ohio Division of Wildlife dragged out the sting, so they could collect mounting fines. Ironically, from the moment women stand up to trespassing, menacing hunters, they're criminalized by law enforcement and corrupt judges.
A friend who lives in rural southeast South Carolina hears deer hunters' bullets scream past her house, sees collateral victims of hunting - disposable hunting dogs crushed by semis on a nearby road - and was arrested for gathering evidence hunters had trespassed on her own property. To paraphrase her: Think about what being a Black woman terrorized by good ole boys with guns and hunting dogs in a rural area of a southern state hearkens back to.
Persecution against women who stand up to hunters in northern states like New York, Pennsyvlania and Ohio is marginally less-bad. One PA woman lost her law license while fighting that state's blatantly unconstitutional law. She was falsely arrested on her own property, but appealed and won. That twisted PA law protecting hunters is no more. This writer also won, on appeal - a false arrest charge and equally bogus sentencing - for allegedly harassing a hunter while peacefully enjoying private property. Ohio needs to follow suit.

We should all say no to a dying "sport" that has seen a sharp decline from seven to four percent, results in frequent maiming and untracked deer, is the springboard for other forms of hate, keeps the wrong kind of people in power, and is a root cause of gun violence. Know the enfranchised enemies: Overreaching, biased law enforcement; self-serving game agencies whose boards, officials and employees are recruited hunters and trappers, particularly in red states like Ohio; and the gun sales and hunting permit industries that charge an 11% excise tax which only fuels hunting and "culling," a polite euphemism for slaugher in our public parks. Hunting can be accurately described as institutional speciesism. It's the original sin that gives rise to all other atrocities.

Lucy McKernan

Animals first

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Volume 13, Issue 9, Posted 3:48 PM, 09.01.2021