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6th Annual Pierogi Palooza! (39 Photos)

Each year Broadview Multi-Care Facility at 5520 Broadview Road, hosts the Pierogi Palooza Festival and Contest. Here are some photos. ©2018 Parma Observer (Jim O'Bryan)

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St. Vladimir Ukranian Orthodox Cathedral Support Ukraine Against Putin Rally - Parma (41 Photos)
All photos the property of the Parma Observer ©2022
NASA Super Guppy & Artemis/Orion Spacecraft (69 Photos)
The last week of October NASA brought the Artemis/Orion Spacecraft to Northern Ohio for testing. The Observer was there, and here are som of our photos and videos. ©
6th Annual Pierogi Palooza! (39 Photos)

Each year Broadview Multi-Care Facility at 5520 Broadview Road, hosts the Pierogi Palooza Festival and Contest. Here are some photos. ©2018 Parma Observer (Jim O'Bryan)

14th Annual Firefighters Memorial Ride 2018 (38 Photos)
Every Memorial Day thousands of motorcycle riders show up to support the Firefighters and all first responders in a motorcycle run. It cam through Parma and Parma Heights, and was something to see. Thank you to all first responders. ©2018 Parma Observe (Jim O'Bryan)
Mt. Alverna Village Rib Contest 2009 (36 Photos)
A wonderful event at the Mt. Alverna Village Assisted Living Center in Parma at 6765 State Rd. . The Tri-City Observer was invited to check out the facility, speak with its residents and staff, and judge what turned out to be delicious Ribs. Especially those served up by Amber! All photos property of The Tri-City Observer, ©2009. Isn't it time you had us cover your party?
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The Shoppes at Parma Redevelopment (13 Photos)

An ongoing PhotoBlog featuring the transformation of Parmatown Mall into the Shoppes at Parma.

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PhotoBlogs by James McCarthy

Through The Looking glass (36 Photos)

A sampling of microscopic photographs of things overlooked in the day to day...

Investigations of The Tiny (25 Photos)
Photographs of microscopic specimens of Plantlife,submitted as a foray into the manifold world of the very small.
Autumn Big Creek (27 Photos)
Herein,a trip through the beauty of an Autumn day in pleasant Parma,along the Big Creek.The leaves whisper their goodbyes as they crinkle underfoot in the wake of the solo woodsman.This fine day,a celebration of the passing of yet another hot Parma summer,as it cools towards an inevitable icing.The colors,the scent,the sound...its Autumn along The Big Creek.
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POP! The Comic Culture Club meets @ the Cuyahoga County Public Library in Parma Heights on Pearl Road on select Mondays twice a month to discuss everything related to comic books. You can call the library @ 440-884-2313 for an event schedule.

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Parma Christmas Homes (2 Photos)
These are pictures of the winning Christmas decorated houses in Parma – nine pictures for the nine wards.
The first two:
Ward 1 – 7915 Newport Ave.
Ward 2 – 5711 Brownfield Dr.

The annual contest is sponsored by Proud of Parma. The Holiday Lighting Committee recently drove through all nine wards to view homes nominated by neighbors or friends who called Parma City Hall.

The winners will be presented goody Christmas bags as a small token of appreciation for their colorful Christmas spirit.

Helping the Helpers (1 Photos)
Parma Mayor Dean DePiero presents Parma Hunger Center Co-Directors Arch Stevenson and Dale Kraemer with Giant Eagle gift cards.

The cards were donated by the Parma Law Department totaling $1,250.00. The money was collected through the city’s Juvenile Diversion and Traffic Diversion Programs in which offenders can choose to donate to a local charity as their community service requirement in lieu of actually performing community service hours.

The Parma Hunger Center has seen a dramatic 40% jump in the number of individuals and families being served in Parma, Parma Heights, Brooklyn Heights and Seven Hills. So far in 2009, The Hunger Center has served 9,303 individuals and 2,880 families.

The Parma Hunger Center is located at Parma Lutheran Church, 5280 Broadview Road. The church has been serving local folks in need for more than 40 years. They can be contacted at 216-351-6376.

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2008 - 7 Hills Parade (4 Photos)
Memorial Day Parade - 20080530
2008 - 7 Hills (2 Photos)
General photographs taken in Seven Hills, Ohio
2009 - 7 Hills Parks (4 Photos)
Community parks and facilities in Seven Hills, Ohio
2009 - 7 Hills Autumn (4 Photos)
Fall colors, leaves, and Seven Hills at a glance.
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