Autumn Big Creek

Herein,a trip through the beauty of an Autumn day in pleasant Parma,along the Big Creek.The leaves whisper their goodbyes as they crinkle underfoot in the wake of the solo woodsman.This fine day,a celebration of the passing of yet another hot Parma summer,as it cools towards an inevitable icing.The colors,the scent,the sound...its Autumn along The Big Creek.

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  • Parma beauty in Autumn
  • Big Creek Autumn splendor
  • Simple beauty on an Autumn day
  • Foliage along Big Creek
  • Warm and inviting Big Creek Parma
  • Celebration of Autumn colors
  • Autumn waits for visitors to Parma's Big Creek
  • A beautiful golden creekbed in Parma
  • A pathway through Parma in gold
  • The smells of Autumn along Big Creek
  • A season wrapped in Gold along Parma's jewel
  • Parma Parma Parma
  • up close along the Big Creek in Parma
  • fingerprints of the season in the wilds of Parma's Big Creek
  • Autumn Big Creek
  • Standing guard awaiting the changes coming
  • Floor of the Big Creek
  • calling for a walk in the woods in beautiful Parma
  • colorful Big Creek
  • golden reflections on the waters of Big Creek in Parma
  • leaves crisp and full of wonder
  • October goldenfire in Parma
  • Autumn Leaves in beautiful Parma
  • Autumn comes to a creek on Parma
  • Shades of thinga to come
  • Jewels of the season in Parma
  • moment between the winds of the season
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