Mt. Alverna Village Rib Contest 2009

A wonderful event at the Mt. Alverna Village Assisted Living Center in Parma at 6765 State Rd. . The Tri-City Observer was invited to check out the facility, speak with its residents and staff, and judge what turned out to be delicious Ribs. Especially those served up by Amber! All photos property of The Tri-City Observer, ©2009. Isn't it time you had us cover your party?

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  • Driving in you could see all the festivities.
  • Getting the ribs ready for tasting.
  • The judges got first taste, and the Father was first in line.
  • Then the crowd jumped in.
  • Serving ribs as fast as anyone could.
  • Another judge looking pretty happy.
  • Still cooking
  • and kept lining up for more.
  • and cooking
  • Amber loves what she sees, many, many, many happy rib tasters.
  • back to serving.
  • more cutting.
  • Pat was trusted with fruit salad detail.
  • more tasting
  • The winner's hardware!
  • If you are a judge, I want more of number 5!
  • Tri-City Observer's publisher Daniel McCarthy chats with Sharon Alexander, our host for this wonderful event.
  • "Excuse me sir, you look like you enjoy ribs, let me tell you about ribs back in my day as a teen..."
  • The guys from Maintenance finished 2nd.
  • Amber with crew won top prize.
  • Top three rib burners.
  • Campions until next year. That was as much fun as I can ever remember having at an assisted living center. Great job, Sharon, Amber, Head Chef and crew.
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