Race, Racism, And The Power Of Language...

America will never fully accept people of color in this country until it directly addresses the nuances and fallacy of its very own manufactured domination-separation language. Those that consider themselves white are referred to as "Americans", while all others are classified as African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Arab American, Indian, and the like..Not simply, "American".Make no mistake-Conservatives and Progressives that classify yourselves as white: you do not refer to yourselves as European American, yet you routinely uphold and allow assembly for such prevailing language of incomplete association towards all others around you. Re-engage the nature of your words, and you will begin to truly see the upheld subtle divisions and 'norms' of which we must work together to expose, and ultimately heal. 

The power of language carries with it the weight of subconscious perception. We are separate and not entirely accepted as persons of color through the undertow of this compartmentalizing language. Separate, and most certainly not equal. Ever transparent. This socio-anomaly is by design to declassify, and always has been in America since the year 1619. And once declassified, it makes it easier for the subtle mind to validate micro-aggression and indifference to our pains, struggles, dehumanization, and racism itself.

The fullness and totality of truly uprooting racism in any corner of the world lies much further beyond overtures against those that very clearly warrant outright exposure alone; for it is the very concept of race itself as a debilitating social construct that is inherently divisive and designed to divide us into classes that systemically collapses our humanity towards one another. 

Ask yourself how this concept of race has ever truly benefited the world we live in throughout its vast history, or has it fundamentally kept us apart, at odds, and misunderstood, as those in power since its fabrication woefully continue to deem its furtherance as somehow worthy and necessary for us to maintain both social order, and social structure, the legs on which such powers stand and maintain luxury over our ignorance. We must buy into these socio-anomalies no more. Race as a concept is only relevant to those whom give it life; stricken it of its life, and we invariably deal a strickening blow to racism itself as it were, the diseased offspring of such abject fallacy. Race is a lie. Only a mind broken of chains is free. The choice is yours.

Davidione Pearl

Freelance writer, musician, photographer, and philanthropic traveler.

Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 3:12 PM, 07.01.2018