Green Grass And Why Too Much Is A Problem

Did you ever look down the street, and what do you see? Yard after yard of green grasses and yellow dandelions. You might think that this is a pretty sight, but if your a native bird like a chickadee and you're looking to raise a nest of three babies there is nothing here for you to feed your babies. The chickadee used to have lots of food for its nest but these days the cities are planting non-native trees and there is not a true native tree anywhere in sight. So the day is coming that you will just be another extinct native bird. A chickadee needs 6,000 to 9,000+ caterpillars to successfully raise its three babies, and this is a 1/3 of an ounce bird. The oak tree would be a dream come true, but those are in short supply in my city, where no one wants a tree in their yard. You know, they might have to do some work. We all live in this environment. Yes, you and me too. If we continue to not care about the insects of our world, humans will also become extinct. But then we did it to ourselves and only have ourselves to blame!    

Jim Wohl

A resident of Parma Hts 67 years. Graduate VFHS 1966. Ran for Parma Hts city council. Retired. You will usually find me on my 29-speed bicycle.

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Volume 13, Issue 5, Posted 3:45 AM, 05.01.2021