Seven Hills Memorial Day And More

City of Seven Hills 2021 % of overall revenue.

As we enter the season that brings fresh hope every year, please continue to keep the brave people of the Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers. Think global and act local! 

Congratulations to St. Charles Parish on the official opening of their Centennial Year. It has truly been a blessing in my life to have been a part of almost half of their 100-year journey!

This month Seven Hills will host our annual Memorial Day parade. The parade kicks off at 10:30 am at St. Columbkille and will head south along Broadview Rd towards Hillside Rd and finishing at Seven Hills City Hall. The parade has many entries and will feature the marching bands of Parma Senior, Normandy, Padua, and Holy Name High Schools. Spread the word. All are welcome attend.

Often my staff and I answer property tax questions but rarely does the question of income taxes arise. Seven Hills like all other municipalities derive much of our revenue from income taxes. This often comes as surprise to many. It is also why economic development among cities and states is so hotly contested. In 2021 59% of our year over year revenue was sourced from income tax.  From a straight dollar perspective our income tax receipts grew over $800,000 over 2020. This increase was primarily attributed to our new businesses and job growth hear in Seven Hills.

This is also why economic development has been a focus for my administration. For instance, our current proposal for the Rockside Development has projected new income to the City of Seven Hills $850,000 annually and Parma City School district $950,000 annually when the entire project (front and back) fully built and assuming all proposed economic incentives are approved by the City and Parma City School District.

Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) for this project was submitted to the City of Seven Hills on April 6, 2022. The submission has been reviewed and confirmed that the package submitted contained all components required of our PDP process. The planning commission intends to call a meeting for May 4 to officially began the PDP approval process where the City will begin the due diligence on submittal and to insure, we are comfortable all aspects of project at this point. Look forward to more updates on this important project in future issues of the Parma Observer.

Tony Biasiotta

Mayor, City of Seven Hills. Ohio

Volume 14, Issue 5, Posted 3:06 AM, 05.02.2022