Once In A Lifetime

Interesting and colorful banner leading to the entrance of the area where the observance occurred.  

In July Parma was host to what has been described as a once in a lifetime religious event. Practitioners of the Hindu Faith gathered at a private residence for 10 days to partake in a ritual known as Sapta Maha Puran, which is a blessing event for families to honor those who have passed away. I expected to see things that I was not all too familiar with when I went there, but my expectations were greatly surpassed as I entered the area in which the event was occurring. Incredible music, obvious joy, and intense devotion is what I witnessed. I was amazed at how they had turned a back yard in Parma into a sight that quite frankly photographs do not accurately convey this transformation. By all means, go to the Parma Observer Facebook in order to view a video of this extraordinary event. 

Most of those in attendance were from or associated with the nation of Nepal (often described as the "rooftop of India", as I was told by my gracious host and guide, Harka. He explained that they believe in one God, who for them is named Lord Krishna. He informed me that they feel at least once in a life faithful Hindus must attend this 10 day ceremony to enjoy the fulfillment of their beliefs. He stated that the sheer expense of organizing and presenting these ceremonies is prohibitive. so really, once in a lifetime is very accurate. 

Harka said that although many neighbors were initially very curious that this celebration had materialized in their midst. most were very welcoming, and their attendees, hundreds in all, felt very satisfied with the choice of the site. He said that the city had done everything possible in order to make sure that their religious service had occurred exactly as planned. He expressed his utmost appreciation for his neighbors and the people of Parma for hosting this rare and to many exotic and extravagant event. I myself will never forget the sights and sounds that I experienced during my brief visit, and the warmth and friendliness of all that I met there will leave an everlasting impact on my mind. The Parma of today is becoming more and more a welcoming destination for people and cultures from all around the world. 

Daniel P. McCarthy

I am the publisher of the Parma Observer. Lifetime resident of Parma for over 50 years.

Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 8:43 AM, 08.01.2022