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Radar sign used around the ward to show drivers their speed 

Ward 9 News Scores of seniors attending a recent Ward 9 Safety Meeting expressed their concerns about traffic safety. THEY MADE THIS HAPPEN! Several Radar Speed-Alert Systems have been deployed at strategic locations identified by Ward 9 residents as having high incidents of speeding. These new devices will identify speeding events, display vehicle speeds, and flash warning lights when speeding occurs. There are no cameras in these systems. The data collected is aggregated and will be used only to evaluate the need for additional safety measures. We trust that motorists in these areas will react to these electronic reminders by slowing down. Additional 25MPH Speed Limit Signs have been installed at locations identified by Safety Meeting attendees. Placements include along Gettysburg Drive, a busy road often called a speedway by senior residents. The partially tree-blocked traffic light at the intersection of Broadview Road and Keystone Road is now in full view, thanks to everyone who called this to our attention. Without your safetyconscious alert, there is no telling when we would have realized the need to prune that tree for maximum safety.

Several volunteers stepped up to help Ward 9 launch a program to hand repaint over 100 of the more than 700 fire hydrants in the Ward. This is a great example of what we can do together: A local National Honor Society high school student, Parma Police Chief Bobak, and Councilman Rob Euerle turned the fire hydrant into a bright yellow beauty that will extend its useful life and make it easier for all to see when parking or during fire emergencies. The remaining 600+ hydrants will be speed painted with spraying systems. If you see a newly painted, bright yellow fire hydrant, please snap a photo and send it to me, along with its location and your name, and we will publish it in the next full-color edition of Ward9News. To receive a periodic copy of Ward9News by email, even if you don’t submit a fire hydrant photo, request it by emailing reuerle@cityofparma-oh.gov. Rob Euerle Ward 9 Councilman Council Office: 1-440-885-8091  Direct Phone 1-216-418-8342 Email: reuerle@cityofparma-oh.gov

Robert Euerle

Councilman of Ward 9 in the City of Parma

Robert Euerle 

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 8:04 AM, 10.01.2022