Support Issue 9

On behalf of the Parma Council of PTAs, we urge our communities to vote "yes" on Issue 9, the Parma Schools bond issue. We recently adopted a resolution in support of Issue 9 because we believe this is an important investment in our children. The one high school campus that the administration is developing will have more Career Tech, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus classes in one location than we are able to have now. Students will not have to travel across the district to capitalize on the wealth of options that the district offers. We will actually be able to have strong Freshmen and JV teams in our sports, too, instead of the low numbers we often see now. It's time for Parma to start being more competitive with so many of our neighbors who have already invested in new schools. Our students, too, deserve the best we can give them. As a graduate of the district, mother of two current students, and the President of the Parma Council of PTAs, I support Issue 9 and ask you to join me!

Melissa Wolfe

Melissa Wolfe

Masters in Education

Director of a Childcare Center

Adult Education Instructor for the CDA Program

Mother of three, Active Volunteer, Current President of the Parma Council of PTAs

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Volume 14, Issue 11, Posted 8:51 AM, 11.01.2022