The Ultimate Gift

One of the most disappointing and hurtful things someone can experience today is being misunderstood. Sometimes good intentions are misunderstood as bad and our love can come across as hate. Take nature for instance. Many of us enjoy watching nature’s marvelous creatures, and at times, we even try getting close to them by offering them food. Unfortunately, as soon as they see us coming, they scatter out of fear, thinking we may do them harm. Once we leave the food and move away, they’ll return. They totally misunderstand that our intention is not to hurt them but to help them. Even as parents, many times our concern and decisions that we make for our children will come across as cruelty rather than love.

No one has ever experienced being misunderstood as much as God Himself. Unfortunately, the majority of man believes that God does not do much for them other than to keep track of man’s wrong-doings, so He can use them to condemn us in the end. However, God is full of good intentions towards man. He not only cares about you, but He has good attention towards you. This is because He loves you,: “For God so loved the world”, (John 3:16) “Can a woman forget her nursing child,...Even these may forget, but I will not forget you”, (Isaiah 49:15).

For four thousand years, according to the Old Testament, certain ones were chosenby God to try to convince man of God's good intentions: God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways,(Hebrews 1:1). However, because man still did not believe that God loved him, God decided to humble Himself by going through a process of being born of a woman, taking on the form of a human being, so He could communicate with man directly. This human being was Jesus Christ, a God/Man.He was willing to reach out and touch lepers, free ones possessed by evil spirits, and eat and reside with the undesirables of the world. On-top of everything else, God came to free man of religious rituals and obligations, so man can come directly to Him. To prove His love towards man, God allowed Himself to be offered up as a human sacrifice for mans wrongdoings. This one unselfish act, by the Lord Jesus, opened the door for lowly man to come directly to God Himself. Man no longer has to go through man nor the angels to get close to God. Today, all we have to do is call out to the Lord Jesus to begin experiencing Him in our lives. Now let me ask you, what other so called god claimed to have done this for man?

Kevin Kelly

I am a Parma resident who has lived in the city for over 24 Years. I'm also a non-profit video producer who produces national, and international documentaries for public access, private and goverment networks .

Volume 14, Issue 12, Posted 10:57 AM, 12.01.2022