Honor Flight Cleveland

Several years ago my wife's Uncle informed me of his personal experience with Honor Flight Cleveland and the enjoyment he had as a result. He was a Marine during the Korean War. Soon after he talked to me, my best friend and I signed up on their Website. From the list of Applicants, Veterans are chose in the following order, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Any applicant that has a life threatning illness will move to the front of the list. We were on the list for a few years before we were contacted in February of 2020. We were scheduled to go March 20, 2020. Covid 19 put a long delay on going and finally we got the call to be at Hopkins Airport 5/21/22 at 3:30am. This entire trip, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner was paid for by Private Donations, Corporations, and Fund Raising groups. This is a trip you will not forget. There are many Veterans that are not aware of this and I want them to know and have the chance that I did to visit Washington and see how greatful people are of our Veterans. So many of my friends that served in Vietnam did not get a Welcome Home. That's all changed now. You will witness this change when you attend this trip. Vietnam Veteran Day is March 29, 2023


Robert Stilwell

Retired Mfg Supervisor

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Volume 15, Issue 4, Posted 12:13 PM, 04.01.2023