Your Defense: Hit And Run

Looking through the daily news always amazes me because I hardly ever see an article or news story where a women escaped an attacker. There is a possibility that this type of event is not reported or just isn’t printed. But, given the idea of escape being the best outcome to an attack, there are some ideas and thoughts that should be considered. Understand that a good defense is vital to saving your life, so you must except the fact that defending your life consists of hitting vital areas of another human being, thus-your attacker. It is also important to know the consequences of your impact on yourself as well as your attacker. First, if you have never hit anyone in the face with your fist, then you might not understand that you could very easily break the bones in your own hand. Second, there will probably be blood from your hand and from his nose spurting out everywhere. These are things to consider while you are plotting your effective response to his threat of violence. Understanding your impact on your opponent involves knowing what kind of power you truly possess and how to use it to your best advantage. By learning some basic self-defense techniques and practicing them, you can learn how to control your own power, where to strike, and when. You will gain insight into knowing which hand strikes or kicks to use on which targets. 

Although there could be consequences for using too much force, you must still strike quickly and effectively, or you might not get away. Remember, your main task is to get away from danger. In other words, you must, “hit and run”. You’ll have to decide in a split second because you do not want to stand there and keep fighting him off with many useless strikes. The most urgent thing to remember is that you have to get away and you have only about three to five seconds to decide! Some things that are helpful for a good defense are listed below:

  • Always scream-no matter what the attacker says
  • Scream “fire” because it is a non-confrontational word-people are more likely to call 911
  • Remember as much detail as you can to tell the police
  • Anything goes-scratching, pinching, pulling & twisting hair (arms, legs, head), spitting
  • Never let him take you from the crime scene  

Reading the tips listed above lead us to the obvious conclusion that escape techniques are endless. Thinking like this keeps your mind active so that you never give up trying to escape. If he gets you to his vehicle the odds are slim that you will be able to get away at all. So, it is imperative for your life to act quickly and immediately! So, remember, “hit and run”!

DD White, Black Belt Instructor/Self-defense Coach

MBA- Author of various self-defense, bullying prevention, & predator prevention books

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Deborah White

Self-Defense Coach--Black Belt, Author, MBA. Chief Instructor at Pro Martial Arts and Self-Defense Instructor at Kent State University. Teaching groups and priviate lessons. Writing about Bullying Prevention, Predator Prevention, Women's Self-defense, and Karate.

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Volume 15, Issue 4, Posted 12:13 PM, 04.01.2023