Help Us Save Parma Senior High School's Bell Tower And Theaters.

PSH Bell Tower

Many of you know that the Parma City school board and the superintendent have decided to tear down Parma Senior High school and several elementary schools. They also want to build a new school on Parma Senior High School's site. I would love to fight to save the whole building as it is my alma-mater. In addition, I have been involved in some way or another in the school district and Parma Senior High for the last 25 years. I definitely do not agree with the superintendent's plan to get rid of these schools for many reasons and I definitely do not think he should be tearing down Parma Senior High at all because the school was build very well and is still very viable but I think that fight would be fruitless. I am, however, helping the Parma Senior High School Stage Crew circulate a petition to try to save a piece of Parma Senior High School. We are trying to save the beautiful, historic 1500 seat theater, the iconic bell tower and the little theatre. The large theater used to be home to the Cleveland Orchestra and many stars like Frankie Avalon have been on that stage. One of the students has put together a petition with a lot of history about these spaces to get signatures to present to the school board and superintendent to try to convince them to keep the theater section of the school. I am asking the residents of Parma to help us by signing our petition. The petition is on I am including the link here. If it doesn't work, please type in the url to get to the petition or go to and search for "Save Parma Seinor High theaters and bell tower". We are hoping to get enough signatures to change their minds.

Katrina Yeigh

I am an Alumni of Parma Senior High School and PSH volunteer Stage crew/drama club member. I am also a former Thoreau Park teacher and former resident of Parma. Most of my family still lives in Parma. I am still very connected and active in the Parma community and care about it very much.

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Volume 15, Issue 5, Posted 11:01 AM, 05.01.2023