Book Review: A Descent into Madness

Mr. Rosko’s book really does live up to its name: A Descent into Madness. As I read it, I felt as if I was a prisoner in this insane and helpless little realm which the author has so cleverly created. Some of Rosko’s thoughts and ideas are just so bizarre and twisted that the work is truly frightening and downright disturbing … until you pinch yourself and realize that it is not real … Or is it? In a way, the story reminded me of Dante’s Inferno and long, tortuous journeys through the abyss. That is where similarities end. Rosko’s journey is more unsettling. For one, in this tale, the reader is lost; this is the most fearsome state of all. Also, unlike Inferno, Rosko’s story abounds with sick humor. 

Mr. Rosko has a unique gift for describing to his readers his inner demons, fears, frustrations, hopes and loves. Most importantly, Rosko has a need for his dear reader’s friendship. For me the big question is why Mr. Rosko is so obsessed with that magical red liquid that is the very essence of the life force. No, he couldn’t be one of those! 

Like the great Mark Twain, Rosko dislikes the human race and blames it for the world’s problems, woes and miseries.  Furthermore Rosko would like nothing more than to see the human race self-destruct. Words of wisdom my man! Is this guy a genius or what?!

Lastly, I really liked Rosko’s dark and diabolical sense of humor. He has invented something called blood art. In this creative endeavor, grade school kids fingerpaint in blood. Then their parents proudly hang their progeny’s art on the refrigerator with a magnet! Rosko takes it even further: with blood sports! (I thought they already had that in Ancient Rome.) And the prize?  Well, all the blood the winner can drink … of course!  Isn’t this guy a hoot!?  I’ll say it again: No he couldn’t be!  Shhh! 

Volume 15, Issue 6, Posted 10:06 AM, 06.01.2023