Make It Count

Too many times we think about what we should have done in different situations. This thought occurs to us in so many different aspects of our lives. One such situation might be the decision to not go to a party where alcohol is being served.  Or you might say to yourself, “What would have happened if I hadn’t attended college-what would I be doing?” Sometimes an opportunity will come to us only once in our lifetime. Once that opportunity passes, it is gone forever. It’s like being struck by lightning-how many times can it happen? Most opportunities usually include making a choice and these choices may have different outcomes. The choice will dictate our future and some of these decisions lead to good results and some lead to bad results.

What is it that makes us decide whether to accept an opportunity or decline it? Quick decisions are usually not the best route. For instance, deciding to attend college affects your future so you must make the best choice possible. What about a decision when it comes to defending your life? This is a decision that affects your life yet must be a quick one, because it could define your future in an instance. But, without the essential skills, training, and information you are blind. A prepared defense is vital to saving your life so you must “make it count” the first time. Meaning, that you must strike in the right place with the right amount of force, the first time. Because a follow-up strike may not be possible. Which reminds me of the saying, “Keep it Simple Stupid”. This is something that could sound degrading to some, but the words mean that a good solid strike is simple and direct. And, that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know basic escape moves that will save your life. It is the way the strike is delivered to your opponent and the place on the opponent’s body that count. Keeping it simple comes from repeated practice and training of very basic self-defense techniques, and will relieve you from having to over think about your defense options. Practice will help you to respond quickly and effectively.

So, when you think about your defense against an attacker, you shouldn’t have to think too hard, if you practice. Your response should be automatic. Learn and practice self-defense techniques and then re-learn them. This is the only way to respond quickly and make sure to “make it count”!

By Deborah White, RA, MBA, BA (Self-defense Coach/Instructor/Prevention Specialist)

Author of: Predator Prevention Guide, Be Bully Proof, & Women’s Real-life Self-Defense

Deborah White

Self-Defense Coach/Insructor/Prevention Specialist. RA, MBA. BA. Forty plus years in the martial arts. Chief Instructor at Pro Martial Arts. Teaching groups and priviate lessons. Author of Bullying Prevention, Predator Prevention, Women's Self-defense, and Karate books.

Volume 15, Issue 6, Posted 10:06 AM, 06.01.2023