"Cause We Can

‘Cause We Can

I follow my heart
To places unknown
Sometimes so pleased
By how much I have grown

I go for long walks
To settle my mind
Many prayers and thoughts
Some miracles I find

I often wonder
Who it is I am
We do what we do
I guess ‘cause we can

I’m in awe of nature
Sunrise or sunsets
I value new friends
So many I have met

I’m far from perfect
I strive for the best
I now say, “I love you”
No time to second guess

Who cares what they think?
You be you, take a stand
We do what we do
I guess ‘cause we can

The days grow short
Minutes disappear
I’m not bothered by death
It’s our struggles that I fear

Our life has its limits
Departures never end
Leave nothing behind
Leave fulfilled, hug a friend

Words are my music
From the heart plays the band
We do what we do
I guess ‘cause we can

Copyright ©2023 Jack P. Marschall

Jack P. Marschall

Author, former Cleveland broadcaster. 

Volume 15, Issue 8, Posted 10:45 AM, 08.01.2023