Trees An Endangered Species In Parma

Krueger Ave.Sewer project completed with new blacktop yet sun blazes without relief. Scarcely a tree in sight a common theme in Parma

    • City officials in 2020 hired tree experts Bartlet Tree Company for a hefty sum. Bartlet found that 92% of the 700 trees studied required  pruning to keep the trees in good health. The other 8% or 54 trees were diseased or damaged and required removal.   Our group "Trees for a Greener Parma" has asked the city for public records pertaining to how many trees the city has cut down. The city has refused to provide the records.   Yet through stump grinding receipts, the city outsources this service, we have found that a minimum of 800 trees were cut down between 2020-2022.    Only 1 month was provided for 2023. An additional 54 mature healthy trees were cut down.   Trees slow storm water surge by absorption and aid in flood mitigation. Mature trees are at the highest potential to provide carbon exchange and for our tree canopy coverage.   The precious green space we have Big Creek Metroparks, the West Creek Watershed Metroparks and West Creek Conservancy are immensely enjoyed by all. Yet the city's mismanagement of the trees within it's boundaries sicken those treasures we enjoy.   Removal of the trees causes an increase in the amount of storm water runoff and raises the temperature of the creeks' water and increases pollution levels.    Trees in the city of Parma, Ohio have become an endangered species.   Voters you are the sleeping giants. City officials need to hear loud and clear that we need change for the health of our community.    Misdeeds by our city leaders today have dreaded consequence for decades to come.   Unite and join in! Saturday August 5th between 8:00 and 4:00 we will be joining together at the greatest of all watersheds- Lake Erie. Cleveland's Annual Sand Festival runs that day. Find out how you can make a difference


Sharon Stahurski

Founder "Trees For A Greener Parma" and long time Parma resident

Volume 15, Issue 8, Posted 10:45 AM, 08.01.2023