Parma Heights Launches New Website

The City of Parma Heights is proud to announce the launch of its new website. After several months in development, the website at was unveiled in August. The new website provides a refreshed design, improved navigation and mobile and tablet friendly.

The previous website was run through the county and they will be ending maintenance and services in less than a year. The goal of the new website was to give the City of Parma Heights the controls on the backend and make it user friendly. All the great information that was on the old site has been migrated to the new site with many enhancements.

The redesigned website features easier navigation for users to click through the drop downs. The website is a great resource with reliable information that is continually updated. Whether guests are looking for information on the building department for permits, or the service department for bulk collection dates or even recreation signing up for sports and programs, all the information is on the website.

The biggest addition to the website is the icon in the bottom right corner. Once you click on the person, the Accessibility Adjustments screen pops open. This offers a wide array of options for visitors, such as ADHD friendly profile, blind users (screen reader), content adjustment with scaling and font sizing, color adjusting and much more.

Visit the City of Parma Heights website at and discover the new updates and enhancements.



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Marie Gallo

Marie Gallo is the Mayor of Parma Heights

Volume 15, Issue 9, Posted 4:42 AM, 09.01.2023