Republicans, We Can Definitely Do Better...

Here we are, America, a former president indicted four times facing ninety-one criminal charges - an unprecedented corrosion that has seeped into and infected the nation hurling our era among those of the darkest days in our country’s history. Regardless of political affiliation, many understandably wonder how we got here, and to that end there has been a cascade of events that went unchecked, optics that have been purposefully directed to mislead. The idea that these charges are a witch hunt by democrats is patently untrue.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is a registered Independent that has prosecuted democrats equally for crimes under the law, namely former disgraced senator and presidential candidate John Edwards (NC-D). Additionally, it is firmly impractical to consider it a witch hunt when the former president’s own republican legal staff informed him that the race was lost after they endeavored rightful legal actions in over sixty national court cases and lost - many of the losses before federal judges appointed by the former president himself up to and including the Supreme Court, who decided unanimously to dismiss his grievance, another court with several of his appointees.

Apart from hundreds of republican staffers in total across the nation and in his administration testifying to his criminality after the election loss, (and) his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows informing him that the Mara Lago documents needed to be returned to the National Archives (a warning that he simply dismissed), and both Mark Meadows and V.P Mike Pence stating under oath that the documents were never declassified (corroborated by the former president’s own audio tapes), the former president has simply brought all of this on himself - not some democrat witch hunt in the slightest with the monumental amount of supportive republican testimony under oath. He went the legal route after losing, when that didn’t work he chose coercion and violence, and sat back and watched while our Capitol was attacked, a supreme dereliction of duty, leaving the Dept. of Justice with no choice but to follow the evidence (all of which was provided by once-supporters of the former president).

The D.O.J presented the facts to grand juries, everyday neighbors doing their civic duty once their number was called, and (they) decided on charges. Some may ask why the charges took so long to be brought forth - the answer is right before our very eyes. There were thousands involved in the crimes and the resulting widespread investigation was destined to take an extremely long time to sift through.

The former president had nearly three years to provide evidence to support his grievances and provided none, zero, yet continued to mount egregious evidence against himself because his ego is seemingly incapable of accepting another’s win. He fomented insurrection and gave aid and comfort to insurrectionists, both disqualifying factors for presidential office under Article Three in the 14th Amendment.

If an aggrieved candidate for Parma Mayor inspired an attack on city hall would it not be prudent to investigate and charge that individual once a jury found it to be so? His own wife and children see the writing on the wall and have distanced themselves from him in public the last few months.

Last, some may wonder why his poll numbers remain elevated, the answer is simple. Fox “News” and certain G.O.P leaders continue to sow seeds of support towards him to keep their own ratings, power, and revenue dollars consolidated, and the more they steer the people in efforts to line their pockets the more they maintain its veneer of validity, when it is not.

They are all grifting.

Davidione Pearl

Author/Travel Writer/Musician/Photojournalist

Volume 15, Issue 9, Posted 4:42 AM, 09.01.2023