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State Representatives Darnell Brewer and Sean Patrick Brennan with Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Jeff Evans before their 8-hour helicoptor law-enforcement ride along.

Anyone who know me, knows that I have a deep respect for law enforcement. In fact, in my nearly two decades on Parma City Council, I was an ardent supporter of the Parma Police Department, advocating for fair wages and benefits, as well as modern equipment, training, and support so that law enforcement can do their public service to the best of their ability and as safely as possible. As state representative my support for law enforcement continues and I am happy to report that I voted “YES” on the biennial state transportation and operating budgets, both of which provide robust funding for law enforcement at the state and local levels.

Recently, I had the honor of flying with two of Ohio’s finest – Ohio Highway Patrol Sgt. Chris Hasty and Trooper Jeff Evans. I spent about 8 hours with Sgt. Hasty and Trooper Evans and my colleague, Representative Darnell Brewer, in the Ohio Highway Patrol helicopter that they use as part of the Cleveland Violence Reduction Initiative. Representative Brewer and I are happy to support this program, alongside Governor Michael DeWine.

During the time we spent on the helicopter we worked with multiple highway patrol units on the ground to intercept known felons, as well as the illegal guns and drugs in their possession. In all, we were a part of several high speed pursuits of law-breakers through the streets of Cleveland – from west side to east side. In fact, one of those we pursued fled all the way down to Akron before turning around and coming back to Cleveland. I am happy to report that all of those we followed were eventually apprehended and arrested.

Representative Brewer represents a portion of Cleveland’s east side, while I represent about one-third of Cleveland’s West Park. I am convinced that the Cleveland Initiative is making for a safer Cleveland, as well as safer suburbs. The more of these law-breakers we take off the streets, the fewer stolen vehicles, high speed chases, illegal drugs and guns, etc. we will see. I was appalled at the lack of respect for innocent life each of these law-breakers had as they raced through the streets at speeds as high as 120 MPH. I cannot express how impressed I was with how professional and thorough the members of the Highway Patrol were during my time with them, as well as how well they worked with local law enforcement. I was especially impress with how methodical they were about ensuring the safety of bystanders and I am happy to report that no innocents were injured, although there were multiple frightening close calls.

It was an honor to ride with Sgt. Hasty and Trooper Evans and I thank them and all of their colleagues for their service. Experiences like this make me a better representative for you at the Statehouse. Armed with this firsthand knowledge of what it is like for law enforcement working “in the trenches” reminds me of how important it is to ensure adequate resources for them. Needless to say, I sleep well knowing that my family and those I serve are under their watch. It is an honor to support them and it is a high honor to represent you. I want you to know how sincerely and deeply I care about each and every one of you.

As always, if my office may be of help to you, please contact us at 614-466-3485 or Best wishes to you and yours as we transition into fall this month.

Sean Patrick Brennan

Sean Patrick Brennan

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Volume 15, Issue 9, Posted 4:42 AM, 09.01.2023