History Made With New Parma Heights Chief Of Police

Mayor Gallo swore in the new Interim Chief of Police Tanya Czack to the Parma Heights Police Department on Monday, September 11 at the Greenbrier Commons Gazebo. 

Mayor Gallo said, “I am honored as the first female mayor of the city, to also swear in the first female Chief of Police. I look forward to working closely with Interim Chief of Police Czack as she transitions into the permanent role of Police Chief once her interim assignment is completed.”

For the past 34 years, Czack has been a part of the Parma Heights Police Department serving in almost every division of the department. “She has demonstrated time and again her commitment to the City of Parma Heights and its citizens, we are excited and welcome her strong leadership as the Chief of Police for the Parma Heights Police Department,” said Mayor Gallo.

Tanya Czack began her career at 19 years old as a police dispatcher and became an officer nine years later. Czack was the first female officer for the Parma Heights Police Department. The first eight years she was a patrol officer, including time as an SRO (School Resource Officer). Czack earned her master evidence technician certificate for the state of Ohio, became an academy instructor and a continued professional training instructor. She currently teaches at the Polaris Police Academy. In 2008, Czack was promoted to Sergeant and then Captain in 2021. In addition, Czack became a certified crash reconstructionist and started the multi-jurisdiction Southwest Accident Group in 2011. She was the Commander of that group over the past several years as it grew to 12 cities and over 30 members.

Tanya Czack is married to Vince Holocker who is a 25-year veteran and Captain of the Cleveland Fire Department. She has two adult daughters, a teenage son and three rescue dogs.

The Parma Heights Police Department is in service with the purpose to protect, with the passion to preserve, and with the utmost pride in their performance.

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Marie Gallo

Marie Gallo is the Mayor of Parma Heights

Volume 15, Issue 10, Posted 1:36 PM, 10.01.2023