The Parma Heights Historical Society Of 2023

April of This year 2023. a new President was elected, (Chuck Kaczynski). He has spearheaded some very interesting, Historical tours of Parma Heights. He planned these in conjunction with City events. He is a high energy motivational speaker. The following is a sample of his accomplishment in 5 short months. He planned and implemented 3 City bus tours in conjunction with the Cities Xmas in July Event. In August he planned and implemented a PHPD, (Parma Heights Police Department), Narrative and Visual Display. It's important to note that he always acknowledges the help and commitment from other Members in our group. Since Chuck has been President we have added 4 new Members. In September he and several other members helped and supported me while doing a tour in the Parma Heights Cemetery to highlight some of our 75 Veterans buried there. A week prior to doing this event, Chuck and I attended a very interesting History tour of Woodvale Cemetery in Middleburg Heights that was lead by a Member, as well as the Past and current President of the Middleburg Heights Historical Society. The Past and current President of Middleburg Heights also attended our tour. Chuck has a long term goal of entering into a collective relationship with many of the surrounding Historical Societies. If you are interested in meeting or joining the Parma Heights Historical Society you are very welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings at the Parma South Presbyterian Church on Pearl Road in Parma Heights, the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. Please note that you do not have to live in Parma Heights to become a member of the Parma Heights Historical Society. There are 3 members that are currently in our Historical Society that are also members of other Historical Societies, (Mike Andrysco is also a member of the North Olmsted Historical Society), (Ken lavelle is also a member of North Royalton Historical Society), and (I am also a Member of Herkimer County, New York Historical Society). We all joke about the the Parma Heights Historical Society as being the Hysterical Society because we have fun researching and talking about History. 

Robert Stilwell

Retired Mfg Supervisor

Volume 15, Issue 10, Posted 1:36 PM, 10.01.2023