A Soldiers Plea: Remember Those Who Gave Their Lives

V-J Day August 14, 1945

The Day the War ended, Sgt. Ralph Lewis Jr. wrote this letter to his parents. He was stationed at Brooke Field, Texas and now lives in Erlanger, Kentucky. While this day means personal happiness for us all, in that we'll be going back to our homes and loved ones, we couldn't help but think of the guys over there -- our buddies, the ones who will never know the joys of this day or realize how much they gave to make it all possible.

These boys who sleep now in many foreign lands are the ones whom the world should turn and be eternally grateful. They too dreamed of their homes, wives and sweethearts and longed for the day when they could go back. Today the world must remember them--and tomorrow, the next day and Forever! The day the world forgets, they will truly have died in vein.

I for one, will never forget them. In my heart, I will always see the rows and rows of little white crosses I saw so many timmes in Africa and Italy. "They died that others might live." How very fitting and true!

So folks, it's up to you and me and the rest of us to remember how much was given to bring peace to the world. We must never betray these boys that wanted life so very much and who had so much to live for, but died so that future generations might be entitled the right to Freedom and Happiness

All of the above letter is a shortened version of the original. This was deliberate on my part because of space. All of the content that I chose from the original letter is driving the theme of the entire letter. "WE MUST NEVER FORGET"

Robert Stilwell

Retired Mfg Supervisor

Volume 15, Issue 11, Posted 12:33 PM, 11.01.2023