Childhood Dream Becomes Reality For Officer Braude

Animal Control Officer Miranda Braude knew as early as third grade that she wanted a career working with animals. Little did she know that she would eventually be the Animal Control Officer for the City of Parma Heights and the City of Brooklyn. 

In 2016, Miranda was going on her first job interview for the Animal Control Officer at the City of Parma. Her mom encouraged her to take the framed “I Have a Dream…” essay assignment she wrote in third grade. Moms know best – Miranda was offered the job and worked for the City of Parma until 2019.

Officer Braude has worked for the Cities of Parma Heights and Brooklyn since 2019. This has been a great partnership for both cities to have Officer Braude as the Animal Control Officer. Officer Braude is a certified Animal Control Officer through The National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA) and a certified humane investigator through the Humane Society of the United States.

Every day is a new and different, Officer Braude never knows what to expect. Common calls include dogs off leash, loud barking, welfare checks, and sick animals, but Officer Braude has taken calls to help with pigs, ducks, and she has even captured a few snakes behind refrigerators!

Earlier this year, Officer Braude and the Parma Heights Police Department helped a dog that had fallen down a ravine. Assisting with the search and rescue was so gratifying when officers were able to reunite the family with their dog.

One of the most rewarding parts of the job has been helping facilitate over 175 animal adoptions since 2017. For more info on adoptions, visit “Helping animals find their forever home is one of the best parts of the job,” said Officer Braude.

The City of Parma Heights and the City of Brooklyn are both happy Officer Braude listened to her mom and chased her dreams.



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Marie Gallo

Marie Gallo is the Mayor of Parma Heights

Volume 15, Issue 11, Posted 12:33 PM, 11.01.2023