Self-Defense- Prepare For Danger

It is one thing to see crime stories plastered across the news headlines, and another one to be a part of those headlines. Nobody wants that! But how do you prepare yourself for a potentially dangerous situation? It’s usually not the first thing on a person’s mind. Although, most people do prepare for other unseen circumstances or disasters by purchasing insurance. But how do you maintain your personal safety?  Financially speaking, there is no, “personal safety insurance” to purchase. Sure, you could hire bodyguards, but realistically this is impossible for a huge percent of the population.    

Usually when the subject of personal safety is raised, the first thought is that of guns. The second is mace which is the first weapon that is normally associated with a women’s safety. But weapons are not dependable. And if you are thinking that you have a definite plan to use them, then think again. Weapons can fail. Guns can jam and mace can be aimed in the wrong direction. And obviously, if the assailant is using a gun to threaten you, the time is gone to pull yours.

Preparing for danger is more than just “thinking” of what you will do. It means preparing yourself mentally and physically. Self-defense is more of a mental process than a physical one. Since fear interrupts your thinking processes, you must try to focus the fear into an effective response. One way to help accomplish this is to participate in a self-defense course. Self-defense classes not only helps you prepare physically, but they also enhance your mental abilities and your state of awareness. These are important to your well-being, whether you are carrying a weapon or not. In the instance when you are caught off guard, your first response must be a lifesaving response. Will you be ready if someone grabs your shoulder, or a gun is pointed in your face or to the side of your head? Preparing for these types of situations takes mental preparation. Where do you start?  You are the only one who can decide what measures to take. The best place to begin is with a defense plan.  Practice the plan until it becomes routine. Then change that routine. This means having a backup plan in place. A backup plan is needed in case the original plan fails. It must follow quickly since there will be no time for you to think of what to do next! With this in mind you must remember that no matter what safety measures you decide to take, don’t forget to add a backup plan! What’s yours?

   I have listed some helpful tips to remember when faced with an attacker:

  • Remain calm
  • Don’t show your fear
  • You have approximately three to five seconds to response
  • Make it count the first time

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Deborah White RA, MBA, BA

(Black Belt-Self-defense Coach/Instructor/Prevention Specialist)

Author of: Predator Prevention Guide, Be Bully Proof-(Stop Bullies in Their Tracks!) Available on

Deborah White

Self-Defense Coach/Insructor/Prevention Specialist. RA, MBA. BA. Forty plus years in the martial arts. Chief Instructor at Pro Martial Arts. Teaching groups and priviate lessons. Author of Bullying Prevention, Predator Prevention, Women's Self-defense, and Karate books.

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