Our Favorite Valentine's Day Gifts From Parma Heights Small Businesses

Valentine Postal Puzzles from Village Cards & Gifts, Parma Heights

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. This Valentine’s Day, consider making it extra special by stopping into local shops for some unique gifts that will knock their socks off. I personally think small shops have a better selection than the big places, and you are supporting your community. When you’re purchasing presents for your sweetheart, consider shopping at locally owned flower shops, card shops, sweet shops, gift shops and other Parma Heights businesses. For extra impact, check out the stores highlighted on the Parma Heights 2ND Fridays Facebook page for Valentine's Day promotions!!

Looking for a budget-friendly gift for your new flame or long-time love? Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your book loving beloved?  Check out Good Friends Thrift, 6369 Pearl Road. There are books to put you in the mood for romance (or seeking a story of heartbreak that will trigger a good cry) and there's jewelry that will make their eyes sparkle!

Then walk next door to Samosky's Home Bakery where they plan to spread the love this Valentine’s Day with loved them sweets. Valentine’s Day Cookies, Valentine’s Day Cupcakes or order your own Be Mine Pink/Red Valentine's Cake. If sparkly diamonds aren’t happening, then sparkly cookies and cupcakes will have to do. 

Whether you’re making a romantic escape or considering a fancy dinner date, you still need an appropriate gift. Thee Tree House, 6269 Pearl Road, has the holistic and aesthetic items to make your Valentine experiences, blissful and memorable. Let them help you pick out the perfect gift for you and your sweetie:  essential oils, candles, incense, organic tea, body care products, spiritual gifts, soaps, dream catchers, crystals, or a gift certificate!

To help you find something special that won’t break the bank, visit Village Cards & Gifts, 6643 Pearl Road. Linda has gifts under $15, and $10 for all types of Valentines, like the newest Ty Valentine plush and a great selection of Valentine cards, puzzles, spa/beauty products, luxury body lotions, fuzzy socks, and jewelry. From rings, bracelets, and earrings, there are pieces to make anyone's heart flutter. Find the perfect piece, with a sweet and inspirational message. And give one of the hottest gifts around- the Valentine postal puzzle, suitable as a gift for friends and family alike.  Beautifully crafted. High quality wood. And comes with envelope to mail! 

Or this Valentine’s Day, skip the dinner out. It’s an amateur move anyway. Instead, why not stay home with your partner and play a board game?  Gamers Haven has all you need at 6639 Pearl Road. Whether a game was strictly designed for two players, or it’s a group game that happens to play really well with a pair, there are plenty of choices out there for homebody couples on Valentine’s Day. 

168 Optical at 6315  #206 Pearl Rd has a selection of Valentine's Day glasses & eyeglass cases in various designs, convenient for one to slide in and out of the glasses. And inside the eyeglass case one can place some candy, a gift card, jewelry, Valentine's note, or even a ring!!!  Make it a day to remember!    

Wear your heart on your nails with designs for Valentine’s Day by Heidy's Nail Supplies at 6625 Pearl Rd.  Heidy prides herself in providing quality nail supplies at an affordable price. So whether you're going out on a romantic date night with your partner, hosting a Galentine's Day dinner or just want to give yourself some much-deserved self-love, cupid's got a nail match for you.

Valentine’s Day is celebrating your love for everyone in your life. With that in mind, you might celebrate the holiday by sending a card to a family member you love or miss, and share with them all the ways their love makes you happy, or spend some time with friends you care about. And don't forget about yourself! There's little reason not to think of the day as an excuse to buy something nice for yourself. However you choose to celebrate, here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with good wine, good food, good sweets and especially great readers like you!!

Emery Pinter

Worked in marketing research, marketing, and was a Librarian and Bookstore Manager. Advocate for small businesses.  Member of the Dig, Plant, and Grow Garden Club, the Parma Heights Front Porch Forum, and 2ND Fridays Parma Heights

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