Putting Your Tax Dollars To Work

The most important role I have as a member of Congress is helping the federal government work better for the people of Northeast Ohio. Whether I am meeting with constituents, reading emails, or attending events, the priorities of Ohio’s seventh district stay at the top of my mind. Northeast Ohio’s greatest needs primarily lie in public safety, critical infrastructure, and economic development; all areas I have made a priority. During meetings, hearings, and calls, I keep these needs in mind, advocating for the responsible use of our tax dollars. 

I am advocating for over $45 million in funding for 15 critical projects across Ohio’s seventh district through the Community Funding Project (CPF) appropriations process.  

The CPF process allows members of Congress, rather than bureaucrats in the executive branch, to direct tax dollars to projects important to local communities. Community projects come from existing funding streams and do not increase federal spending.  

My office received over 60 project funding requests; however, I am only able to submit 15 to the Appropriations Committee. During the application and selection process, my team and I communicated with mayors, council members, county officials, and others to determine which projects would best meet the needs of our community and have the largest impact.Two of the 15 projects that were chosen would impact the Parma area directly. 

One project is the Manorford Drive Reconstruction Project in Parma Heights, for which I requested $3,433,285. If funded, this project will provide a full-depth concrete road to replace the cracked asphalt, and I am proud to advocate for the funds to make it happen.  

Another proposal for Parma is the 54th Street Sewer Improvement Project. I have requested $5,625,000 to repair and replace failing sections of existing storm and sanitary pipes. No one should have to deal with a flooded basement due to faulty pipes. 

The remaining 13 projects are focused on bolstering the public safety resources and critical infrastructure of the district. My team and I will continue to work with the recipients of these funds, provided the projects are selected by the Appropriations Committee, to ensure taxpayer dollars are used accountably. Last year, all 15 of the project requests I submitted were selected, bringing over $17 million back to the district. 

No one understands the needs of Northeast Ohio better than its residents and it is an honor to advocate for things that will make our communities stronger. 

As always, if my office may be of service to you, please give us a call at (202) 225-3876 or visit my website at maxmiller.house.gov to learn more about how I am working for you and to sign up for my newsletter. It is an honor to serve you! 

Max Miller

Congressman Max Miller is serving in his first term as the United States Representative for Ohio’s Seventh Congressional District. 

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Miller learned the value of hard work and the importance of the trades. The Congressman is committed to building up the next generation of Americans by prioritizing career and technical education programs as an alternative to a traditional 4-year degree.  

Miller was elected by his fellow freshman Republican members to serve on the Steering Committee, which assigns committee membership for members of the Republican conference. 

Miller sits on the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology. He serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Environment. He also serves on the Subcommittee on Energy and the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight. The Congressman is committed to supporting the NASA Glenn Research Center and ensuring Americans continue to benefit from cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements. 

Miller also serves on the House Agriculture Committee. He sits on the Subcommittee on Nutrition, Foreign Agriculture, and Horticulture and the Subcommittee on Commodity Markets, Digital Assets, and Rural Development. Along with his agriculture advisory council, Miller works to put forward common-sense policies that are good for our agribusiness industry and consumers.  

As one of only two Jewish Republicans in Congress, Congressman Miller is a loud voice in calling out antisemitism and hate on college campuses and across the country. 

Miller served as a senior advisor to President Donald Trump and spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserves. He, his wife Emily, and their baby daughter Ruth live in Rocky River. 

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Volume 16, Issue 7, Posted 7:28 AM, 07.01.2024