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I am very excited to announce that since last month’s column, Governor Michael DeWine signed my first bill into law. For those of you who read my monthly column, you will recall that last May my fellow freshman Rep. Steve Demetriou (R - Bainbridge Township) and I introduced House Bill (H.B.) 195. This bipartisan bill will create an adaptive mobility car dealer license in Ohio.

Currently, car dealers who retrofit vehicles for the disabled community are operating in a gray area under Ohio law. H.B. 195 will clear up this area of the law to the benefit of legitimate car dealers and those they serve. Our bill will lead to more adaptive dealers entering the market and result in better quality, lower prices, more choices, and further innovations in the adaptive automobile space. In fact, our bill will benefit disabled and senior Ohioans in many ways, including giving them peace of mind that the vehicles they purchase are safe and reliable and that the vehicle warranties will be honored.

Governor DeWine was gracious enough to grant us a signing ceremony in his historic Statehouse office. Surrounded by my wife, children, friends, and those who assisted with the bill, the Governor signed the bill and gifted me the pen he used to do so. With a tear in my eye, I told him what an honor it was for this thirty-year government teacher, who taught how a bill becomes to law to thousands of students, to be living my life’s work.

I went to Columbus to get things done for Ohio – to get things done for you. As of this writing, less than thirty bills have been passed the Ohio General Assembly since you sent me there in January, 2023. As a new member, I am very proud to say that one of those few bills is mine – and there are more getting very close.  Further, I have sponsored more bills than any of the 132 members of the Ohio General Assembly at 261. The next highest is 212. I will join any of my colleagues on a bill, regardless of party, if I feel it is good for Ohioans.

It continues to be a high honor to constantly work very hard for you and to serve as your state representative. I pray how much I care about you and our state comes through. As always, if I may be of assistance, please feel free to reach out to my office at 614-466-3485 or Best wishes for a blessed Independence Day.

05/30/23 - H.B. 195 Introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives

06/07/23 - Referred to House Commerce and Labor Committee

10/03/23 - Passed by House Commerce and Labor Committee (9-0)

12/06/23 - Passed by the Ohio House of Representatives (88-1), Sent to Ohio Senate

12/11/23 - Introduced in the Ohio Senate

12/13/24 - Referred to the Senate Transportation Committee

04/24/24 - Passed by the Senate Transportation Committee (12-0)

04/24/24 - Passed by the Ohio Senate (32-0)

04/24/24 - Ohio House of Representatives Votes to Concur with Senate Amendments (91-2)

05/10/24 - Signed by Governor Michael DeWine

08/09/24 - Becomes effective (90 days after governor’s signature)

Sean Patrick Brennan

Sean Patrick Brennan

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Volume 16, Issue 7, Posted 7:28 AM, 07.01.2024